we’re happy to finally release our 2009 minimalist-drone record, One Lonely Cricket on the coming Solstice.  recorded in 2009 as a companion-disc to Telegraph, OLC got lost in the shuffle a bit.  it is a direct response to a few albums that we adore (coil’s Queens of the circulating library & nurse with wound’s salt marie celeste) and we’re happy to finally get it out for those with the patience to listen to it.

we hope you like it……. drift well.                                   available at





greetings!!!   on the spring quinox, we released the latest geisterfahrer album Stained Lunar.  The title (borrowed from our dear friend, poet Alexander Booth) is fairly representative of the sound of our recent release (some have said dark, although we see it being a bit more balanced between light & shadow).  It follows sonically where the previous album, Telegraph,  left off….. a smash-up of instruments manipulated by our fevered imaginations (or tired ears?)…..

We’re happy at this time to offer both a download & CD version of this record, each with its’ own cover.  Either can be ordered from:                                                  

Our previous albums are still available for listening & download from iTunes and



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