elysium on 37th

.CitiZen.oBjeCts. is pleased to announce the digital re-release of the Wisteria EP from Elysium on 37th.  Originally put out as an extremely limited edition cdr in 2001, the penultimate ep from Elysium on 37th is now available for digital download at


happy equinox!

.CitiZen.oBjeCts. is pleased to announce the latest release in the series of digital re-issues of Elysium on 37th.

The Violet EP will be available for listening & download 21 February for the low low cost of $3 (yes, less than a pint of lager or a pack of cheap cigarettes!) via Bandcamp;     


We hope you enjoy it & are planning the next Elysium on 37th re-issue for a late-March/early-April release.  Cheers & happy new moon.



wishing everyone a wonderful 2012.  we’re marking the start of the new year by releasing an old album, almost 14 years old actually.  Use Once and Destroy by elysium on 37th was recorded in 1998  (though shelved at the time in order to self-release their Neurotica e.p.).  Somehow forgotten and lost in the shuffle of time, this record didn’t resurface until recently and marks the first in a series of elysium on 37th albums that .C.O. will be re-releasing as digital downloads throughout 2012. these albums will be priced low (as there is no physical product offered at this time) and will run the gambit of their sonic terrain covered from the mid-90’s through 2002.

Also on the slate for release are new albums from sketches of an amorous window, geisterfahrer and 23 joules.  updates soon…….

after 01 Jan ’12, listen or purchase Use Once and Destroy at http://elysiumon37th.bandcamp.com

cheers and have a good new year.


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